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Wolfgang W. Schmidt - Your consultant in Middle Germany


Wolfgang W. Schmidt (* 1953) was the general commercial manager of the company "OptoTech Optikmaschinen GmbH" until november 2016.
For over 34 years he found the SCHMIDT Export, Import + Consulting as a sideline with the idea to disburden companies from their export- and import-handlings and support them to evolve into global players. To this date Wolfgang W. Schmidt made many medium-sized companies participate in the world markets and helped them in becoming successful with focusing at an international direction.

Dear customers,

even decades of experience will not guarantee quality and functionality. The knowledge of experts becomes worthless very often by just some little juristical changes - just imagine a lawyer who is not working with the present law. Sadly, this absurd imagination is the normal course of life in the world markets. Companies are used to export- and importstandards which lost actuality since years or they do not even have the necessary expertise to participate in the global markets and thus they face problems over and over again which are easy solvable for a true experts.
We engage in continuous dialogues with our international partners and participate in advanced trainings on a regular basis and thus we offer you a unique level of knowledge regarding the export- and importsector always supplying you with up-to-date information.
Middle-Germany is a centre of technology and thus we provide the full potential of logistics regarding quality and effort. As the geographic centre of the European Union - especially with the airport of Frankfurt and the connection to the seaports in North Germany (e.g. Hamburg and Bremen) through motorways - we can offer you logistic possibilities which are absolutely unique.
We are your partner to maximise your chances. We combine decades of experience with technical and economical up-to-date solutions to push your company to the next level.
However you define your requirements - there is no road too far, no transport too complex, no service too much and no batch too small. We advise you separately in each individual case or implement long term solutions for you and manage your formalities precisely Wherever you may be, we are sure that your region provides unique chances to make you perform supreme - we will point them out for you.

Yours faithfully,

Wolfgang W. Schmidt